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C Care Preschool is a brand new company even though we have been in childcare business for over 12 years in Arlington, VA. We want to fill a long due void of lacking quality childcare in the South Arlington community, especially in Arlington Heights, Columbia Heights, and Penrose area. We are facilitating a better service to the community and thriving to bring excellence in early childhood education to the neighborhood that was lacking for decades. We also want to open the opportunities for the community to access lessons in music, dance, and languages for children and adults under one roof.

Our program is Christ-centered and we begin the day reciting the pledge of allegiance and singing the national anthem. Children are allowed to pray with others (with parents’ consent) and memorize Biblical verses. Our program provides children a flawless transition to adapt to school environment-allowing them to excel in their future academic thresholds through receiving age-appropriate domains of development. We put more emphasis on early literacy development and exposure to early foreign dialects such as Japanese, French, and Spanish to supplement their language acquisition. We offer early childhood care from infancy to 5 years. We also care for school age children from 5-12 years.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a safe and loving environment where children can access quality childcare and education.

Core Vision

Our programs are rooted in molding, priming, and developing children’s cognitive, motor, and social skills by instilling an innate function to recognize higher order thought processing. With this, we aim to promote children’s orientation to the elementary concepts as they combine strategies that boost brain development.


C Care’s Mission is to implement a holistic development that includes physical, neurological, cognitive, language, emotional, social, moral and self-identity. Our Philosophy is to approach each child’s development to meet the needs of the three domains of physical, cognitive and psychosocial aspects as well as instilling the Christian ethics and moral values1 of humanity from the early age.

Areas We Serve

Our services are available in the Arlington Heights, Columbia Heights, Penrose, and Ballston area.

Best Preschool in Arlington VA: C Care Preschool Providing a Fun and Family-oriented Experience!

The local Arlington Preschool is a fun, family-oriented experience for children ages 2 and up. The focus of our learning approach is the development of the whole child, including emotional, social, physical, and cognitive aspects. The overall goal of our preschool program is to prepare students for the rigors of kindergarten.

We believe that every child is born with a unique potential and that it is our responsibility to cultivate it. Our preschools in Arlington VA., offers a well-rounded approach to early education. Every day, your child will experience new opportunities that encourage exploration and discovery while nurturing self-confidence.

Our staff is engaged and well-trained, so you can rest assured knowing your child is being cared for by educated professionals!

Families who attend our preschool love our music program, which helps the children develop a greater sense of rhythm and pitch while also learning basic music theory. We also offer weekly outdoor playtime, which helps students develop physically without sacrificing their safety. Our teachers believe that this combination of music and physical activity is essential to a well-rounded education.

Our teachers are highly trained and experienced educators who understand that every child has different interests and needs. Each teacher works with the children to create an individualized program of exploration and learning to help them discover their potential while promoting creativity and curiosity.

We believe that each child should have access to high-quality preschool, regardless of the family’s income level. We work hard to keep our tuition rates low for all families who choose our school.

We are located as Preschool Arlington Heights and serve families throughout the area and in neighboring communities such as Arlington Heights. If you would like to learn more about our program or want to schedule a tour of our facility, contact us today.