Making Writing and Reading Fun for Kids

Child Development Center Arlington Va

Literacy development is critical for your child’s entire growth. Writing and reading with your kid helps them to participate more fully in the activity. C Care Preschool believes that hands-on parents helping their children in writing and reading is an effective way to build the interaction and link between parents and children.

Though children may choose to play and watch television shows or make excuses and slack off when requested to write or read, it is the role of parents to discover inventive methods to make the activity enjoyable for children.

Your child might like these activities:

  • Reading and book-based activities
    • Encouraging your youngster to act out the tale you’re reading to them.
    • Letting your youngster turn the pages and discuss what he or she sees.
    • Request your kid to tell you words that begin with the same sound as the letter you are looking at.
    • Ask your kid to sound out letters or words on billboards, storefronts, street signs, or when visiting your Daycare In Arlington Va.
  • Drawing and writing activities
    • Encourage your youngster to sketch or write on birthday cards or letters.
    • You can draw letters in one color and then have your kid trace them in another.
    • Encourage your child to write letters to their family and friends.
    • Assist your youngster in making the letters of the alphabet or numerals out of play dough.
    • Let your child make artworks with their names written on them.

You may also consider enrolling them in a preschool in Arlington VA so they can perform these activities with their classmates and make learning more fun and effective.

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