We nurture your kids at their earliest ages of learning.

We offer an infant daycare program to support your child’s’ little discoveries around them. Through this program, your child will be exposed to different colors, shapes, and sizes to support their learning and holistic development in this early stage.

With our child-friendly staff, your little angels will have the opportunity to engage in familiar routines that can provide them with a sense of comfort and encouragement and help them get used to new experiences.

We Are More than Just a Day Care Center

Our infant daycare in Arlington VA, offers you programs designed to create a smooth and happy transition within a safe and friendly classroom environment. We take great care while arranging classrooms for infants in our infant daycare Arlington, VA, center to create a space where play, exploration, and safety are promised.

The sensitivity attached to caring for and nurturing infants is emphasized strongly. All our infant classrooms are equipped with infant care items. From cribs to the feeding area, all are arranged, paying attention to the safety and hygiene of every item and environment.

At the C Care Infant Daycare Arlington, VA, center, we focus on:

  • Physical development
  • Cognitive development
  • Language and communication development
  • Social and emotional development

Through structural learning daycare activities that advance growth and development

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