Easing Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Arlington Preschool

Separation anxiety is when the child has a fear of being away from their family or thinking that something bad will happen to them if s/he is not with them. Kids placed on daycare in Arlington VA or are enrolled in childcare for the first time commonly have tantrums. It varies widely among children. It is normal behavior and shows their meaningful attachment.

The trick to withstanding their separation anxiety is preparation, consistency, and timing. Here are some things you can do to gradually dispel anxiety.

  • Be firm and consistent.

Don’t easily answer your child’s pleas every time, and certainly don’t cancel more important work because of them. Ongoing consistency and diligence will teach them to be independent.

  • Create good-bye rituals.

Create an exit ritual where you say a loving and firm goodbye. When dropping them off to, for example, In Our C Care Preschool , you can routinely perform good-bye rituals which will ingrain in their minds that it is time to go.

  • Keep your promises.

Make sure that you do what you have promised to. You’ll build trust and independence as your child becomes confident to be without you if you stick to your promise of return.

  • Introduce new people and places.

Acquaint them with people outside of the household from time to time. Send the children off to grandma’s home, let them play with the neighbors, or allow friends and family to frequent them.

Also, it helps that you show your reassurance and support as well as recognize situations that may cause antics or cries from your child. C Care Preschool is a Arlington Preschool that provides a safe and loving environment where children can access quality childcare and education. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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