As a preschool in Arlington, we offer holistic, fun-filled, and child-centered programs for your kids.

Our broad range of child care programs offer a holistic learning experience that will prepare your kids to master more complex academic learning in the future. Through our programs, we strive to meet each child’s unique needs at every developmental stage.

Our programs provide children a streamlined transition to adapt to the school environment, allowing them to excel in their future academic thresholds by receiving age-appropriate domains of development.

STEAM Curriculum

We take an educational approach to learning that involves Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) to stimulate our students’ inquisitiveness, promote dialogue, and foster critical thinking among them.


We put emphasis on early literacy development and exposure to early foreign dialects. That is why we also teach French, Japanese, Spanish, ASL, Korean, and Hindi to supplement your child’s language acquisition and development.

Moreover, meals are provided for preschoolers, 20 months and above. To ensure your kids’ safety while under our care, we are equipped with a fully operational 24-hour security monitoring system.