Benefits from Attending Before and After School Care

Growing Minds Preschool

It’s only natural that children will benefit from the experience that they receive in our before and after school care services here at C Care Preschool. We are a well-established preschool in Arlington that is trusted by parents in the community.

The learning doesn’t stop when children get off from school, it simply continues differently with this type of program. Children learn important life skills such as decision making, problem-solving, resilience, and good communication skills. They experience activities such as play-cooking, playing board games, creating art and crafts, enjoying a sport with other children in this program. They will also learn how to solve problems and be creative thinkers, which are skills that are useful throughout life.

Of course, the main benefit of attending this program in our Growing Minds Preschool is to have fun learning experiences! The interests, needs, and development of each child are incorporated into the program to provide meaningful experiences for children.

We are an environment where children can be adventurous and creative while staying safe at all times. They get to spend time with their friends doing things they enjoy.

To know more about the services available in our preschool in Arlington, do not hesitate to give our lines a call.

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