Supporting your child's learning development inside and outside the school

We offer a safe and comfortable learning environment where school-age children can enjoy academic child care assistance in Arlington, social and emotional engagement, friendship, and fun. Our pupils will enjoy a balance of relaxed, fun activities and different learning experiences. Through our after-school care, your kids will receive homework assistance and enjoy creative activities that will supplement their learning.

Your Child Is In Caring and Safe Hands

Our child care assistance in Arlington aims to ease the stress of working parents since we are aware of the challenges and tiring routine you have to put up with. We make sure your child gets quality education and nurturing care the way you wish them to grow up.

You can be at peace knowing your little angel is in a safe environment where they get new experiences every day within a holistic development and growth program. C Care Preschool is an Arlington child care center where we play a transformative role in your child’s life, making early childhood education impactful and fun.

A Multi-Sensory Approach to Childhood Learning

The child care teachers at C Care Preschool in Arlington County Child Care Center focus on all areas of a child’s growth and development to help them achieve their full potential. From visuals to reading, speaking, and hearing sounds, our enriching programs comprise a multi-sensory approach to help the child pick up things faster.

As parents, we make a point that you stay connected with the progress of your child. From your child’s learning progress achievements to health, we make a point that you are apprised of all. C Care Preschool is more than just a school. We genuinely care for each of the kids enrolled in our child care center. For us, they are as invaluable as they are to you.

Leaving your little infant or toddler with someone is a huge thing, with C Care Preschool, you can relax knowing your kid is in caring and safe hands!

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